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I was having one of those weeks where everything is just too overwhelming and stressful and scary and HARD. Just too much of everything. I had more panic attacks in the last 10days than I've had in ... forever. Not fun.

Things are looking up, though. Event #1 for work is over (success!), we're moved in, and all my other deadlines are on track.

Adam is amazing, more than I ever understood before. Waking up next to him and knowing that I get to do that every day now... I just don't even have the words to describe how awesome that is. I came home from work on Wednesday to find the entire kitchen unpacked, all of his clothes unpacked, his desk reassembled, and the rest of the living room furniture in place. I came home from work yesterday to dinner juust coming off the stove - pasta with tomato-y, garlic-y sauce and chicken cooked in lemon and cilantro. Yummmers.

www.tinaandelise.com or altarflame - help however you can, money, prayers, good vibes, whatever you can send their way, please. They are a truly amazing, inspiring family.