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Week Six - Grown Up?

Thing the First
Today I went to RBC and opened an RSP-Matic. For the short term, it will only withdraw a small amount from my bank account each month; once I finalise a job for the summer, I may increase the contribution amount. Once I have $500 in it, I can start deciding what to invest the money in; before $500, it will just be in savings with low interest.

The minimum contribution is $25/month. I can afford that! Bye bye weekly Starbucks, hello saving for my future.

The financial advisor who met with me said that he was really impressed that I was doing this at 21 years old. When I spoke with my parents about it, my mum asked my dad, "what's happening to our baby?"

Thing the Second

I've joined SparkPeople.com. It's pretty awesome, and I'm learning a lot about how/what I eat and do. If you are a SparkPerson, you can find me under the ID "gettinglost". The resources and trackers there are really going to help me keep up with my goals. (More about that another day)

Thing the Third
There's an apartment for sale on my street. If I had higher income, I would seriously consider looking into it. Sigh. Adam and I have begun the hunt for a rental for May 1st, and I'm waiting to hear back about viewing a place this week.

This is going to be a good year, folks. It really is.


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Feb. 20th, 2007 04:31 am (UTC)
Finances, goals making, apartment hunting - sounds like you're making some pretty smart moves for your future missy! :)

I've been considering opening an RSP or something of that nature, but I think you may have just motivated me into looking into it more. :) thanks! hehehe
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