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Week Eight - Movin' my butt

At the gym last night, I saw a sign for Dash 4 Doctors, a 5K walk/10K run through the University Endowment Lands. It raises money to send second-year UBC med students to internships in under-served, rural communities in BC for 4-6weeks over the summer. Random, but neat!  I'll be doing the 5K walk with my friend Jill; as I wrote in an email - I don't think I could run 10K if my life depended on it right now.  You can pledge me, if you want, at this website.

I'm also debating signing up to walk the Vancouver Sun Run in April and the half-marathon in May. Sun Run is a 10K around downtown/False Creek; the half-marathon goes all through downtown Vancouver, including around Stanley Park.

I've never decided something like this before, so I have no idea whether that would be too much too soon. Any advice? I am not concerned with finishing times, at this point; I just want to DO it, so I have a baseline for future years.

(Also - seriously, if you are trying to lose weight, join SparkPeople. It's freaking awesome and I cannot say enough good things about it. Look me up under "gettinglost!")